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Meerkat Village is a novel software platform that improves outcomes for children in need by connecting the adults that surround them.

Built For Three Primary Functions

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A meeting space that allows team members with guardian invitation and consent to work together to develop strategies to improve outcomes.

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A “same-paging” space for all team members to define and document the implementation of individual and team action steps.

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A practical data collection tool for measuring child progress in response to naturally occurring opportunities.

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THE PROBLEM - Addressing the social, emotional and behavioral needs of children has become more challenging. Parents sometimes feel powerless, therapists can feel alone, and educators may feel like they have tried everything.


OUR SOLUTION - Working independently, it's easy to become overwhelmed, but with Meerkat Village everyone is on the same page. This cloud-based platform empowers, connects and creates hope for teams by facilitating communication, providing a simple way to develop strategies, and tracking progress as a team.


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Why "Meerkat" Village?

Meerkats exist in highly collaborative communities with each meerkat having a distinct role that contributes to the overall survival of the village. Meerkats fiercely protect each other, collectively care for their young, and have highly effective communication methods.

Where the Child Goes, the Village Follows

Meerkat Village is not limited to a specific organization, insurance, or school so it moves with your child through every transition including provider changes, moving to a different school, or even relocating.

  • “Children and families benefit when professionals combine their expertise and work together. Meerkat Village has the potential to provide streamlined and responsive services to children and families because technology supports collaboration and communication.”
    Mary E. Harrison, PhD, LICSW, IMH-E®, Research Associate, University of Minnesota Center for Early Education and Development
  • “Often times it takes weeks to gather service providers together to discuss what the goals and plans are for a child. As a program, we do not have weeks to figure out what is working or what needs to be changed in order to provide a safe environment for everyone involved.”
    Patti Prior, Head Start Operations Manager, Westmoreland Community Action
  • “While we know that effective service collaboration is the key to our kids’ success, we struggle to find the time to talk and meet with multiple family members and service providers for each of our children. Meerkat Village could revitalize the way that we work with families and service providers. The families we serve would love using a cloud-based application.”
    Jessica Souply, LSW, SFW, Supervisor, Family Resources Therapeutic Preschool
  • “With all supporters having access to Meerkat Village, the entire village has access and input to the child’s plan and can provide feedback to the entire group. This platform will be an invaluable resource to EI teams.”
    Jocelyn Debick, accessAbilities, Early Intervention Program Director
  • “By connecting the parent in real-time, this gives the family not only a voice, but a connection never before seen to work in concert with professionals to better the student. Meerkat Village will revolutionize education and get us all back to working as a village for the betterment of every child!”
    Dr. Chad Malcolm, Associate Professor of Early Education, Baldwin Wallace University
  • “This is something we have never had before, and it could truly make a world of difference for that student that needs support inside and outside of the school. This app could help to share vital information about students with all of their supporting agencies and truly help students to reach their fullest potential.”
    Lindsay Scarpo, Associate Principal, Amos K. Hutchinson Elementary


If you'd like more information about Meerkat Village, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

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