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In Meerkat Village, DO is the plan of action.

DO is a collection of actions, agreed upon by villagers, to support a child’s success. Meerkat Village makes the concept of “getting on the same page” a reality. DOs promote...

Integration - Coordinating Action


Work Together Effectively

Integration is not about everyone doing the same thing, it is about coordinating what everyone is doing. DOs integrate the actions of all villagers.

Keep on the Same Page

When actions of all villagers, guardians, and providers, are listed on a single page, it demonstrates that the team is working together.

See Who You're Working With

Often, more than one villager will agree to the same DO. Villagers can easily see who is performing the same actions.

Accountability - Taking Responsibility for Action


Simple Data Collection

Defining and documenting action steps is critical for assessing implementation fidelity in classrooms, homes and treatment settings. Meerkat Village makes this process easy by allowing villagers to simply touch the “DID THIS” button when they’ve completed an action step.

Increased Visibility

Each villager has their own role and responsibility related to the success of the child. The DO page shows each villager’s responsibilities and inherently increases their accountability to each other.

Reporting - Visualizing Action


Real-time Reports

Each time a villager clicks “DID THIS,” it is recorded and graphed in real-time.

Evaluate Treatment Effectiveness

These reports are critical to the effective evaluation of treatment. Too many times, teams focus on child behavior, neglecting to explore if the team is doing what was agreed upon.

Discuss & Refine Action Steps

DO graphs display the frequency of villager action. Analysis of DO and TRACK graphs facilitate discussion and decisions in relation to the effectiveness of action steps and whether they should be enhanced or retired.


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