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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Meerkat Village?

Meerkat Village is an innovative, cloud-based software platform designed to empower families and integrate service provision for children with social, emotional and behavioral needs. In a village, the child’s team can communicate and develop strategies, define and document the use of those strategies on a single page, and collect outcome data with ease.


What is a village?

A village is an online community of adults supporting a child’s needs.  There’s one village for each child.


Can anyone be in a village?

Yes and no. Anyone contributing to a child’s needs can conceivably join the child’s village. However, parents or guardians must approve each villager.


Who are the villagers in a child’s village?

Villagers are adults selected by the child’s guardian authorized to share and receive the information in the child’s village to support a child’s needs. Villagers include parents, guardians, grandparents, therapists, teachers, doctors, counselors, and community members.


Does the family have restrictions on who they can invite to be part of their village?

Guardians are provided guidance about who they may want to invite into the village. However, guardians are ultimately able to invite whomever they choose. That said, villagers who are reported in violation of the terms of service can be denied further access by Integrated Village.


What does TEAM, DO, TRACK mean?

TEAM is what we do when we work together to meet the complex and dynamic needs of children. Together, we TEAM on the village TEAM Table. DO is a collection of actions, agreed upon by villagers, to support a child’s success. TRACK is how we collect data on a child’s response.

Is Meerkat Village Secure?

Meerkat Village is built on Amazon Web Services, a secure cloud services platform. AWS has multiple layers of security to ensure the integrity and safety of data and is an ideal platform for building and scaling applications.


Can I message a villager individually?

No. Meerkat Village is designed to foster communication among the entire team of villagers. All communication is shared on the TEAM table even if it may be relevant to only a couple of villagers.


When will Meerkat Village be available?

The new Meerkat Village app will be released in the summer of 2022.


Will village members to be expected to be available outside of their regular work schedule?

Absolutely not. Access to Meerkat Village is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, there is no expectation that village members should be available and engaged at all times. Participating entities can guide their staff on acceptable availability and establishing clear boundaries.


Is Meerkat Village compliant with HIPAA requirements?

Integrated Village, the company that developed and maintains Meerkat Village, has retained expert legal counsel that specializes in healthcare and technology, including privacy and security of protected health information (PHI). The legal team is in charge of our consent and confidentiality process as well as the terms of use for Meerkat Village.

HIPAA was expanded in 2009 by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. HIPAA and HITECH establish a set of federal standards intended to protect the security and privacy of PHI. AWS can be used to build applications in alignment with HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements.

Read more here: HIPAA Compliance - Amazon Web Services (AWS).



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