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In Meerkat Village, TEAM is an action verb.

TEAM is what we do when we work together to meet the complex and dynamic needs of children. Together, we TEAM on the village TEAM Table. The TEAM Table is the foundation of Meerkat Village and promotes communication through a familiar, convenient format. Meerkat Village is a game-changer in the field of social, emotional and behavioral health. Here’s why...

Access - Communicate Effectively & Conveniently

Authorized Access

After a parent or guardian (host) creates a village for their child, they invite the child’s team (villagers) to join. The guardian authorizes access and consents to communication between those villagers.

Familiar Messaging

Posting messages to the TEAM table has the feel of group texting, a common, comfortable format for both children and adults.

24/7 Availability

Villagers can access Meerkat Village anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We recommend clear guidelines on village availability and notifications can be easily adjusted.

Dialogue - Discuss Challenges & Strategies

Brainstorm & Define Challenges

A prescriptive, one-size-fits-all approach is not effective in behavioral health. The TEAM Table allows villagers to participate in an ongoing conversation and brainstorming over time. This dialogue can take pressure off of annual, and often ineffective, treatment plans.

Test & Revise Strategies

The TEAM Table allows villagers to describe and discuss challenges and then create and test strategies to address those challenges. Villagers iterate together and revise strategies as needed.

Communicate More Effectively

Not only does the TEAM Table allow ongoing dialogue, but the TEAM table is also an efficient way to discuss and make critical decisions quickly and effectively.

Action - Propose & Implement Strategies

Develop Effective Plans

Describing and discussing challenges must be coupled with action to drive change. Villagers can convert strategies into action by proposing “DOs.” Villagers can also actively monitor the child’s behavior by collecting responses through TRACKs.

Make Collaborative Proposals

The TEAM Table promotes collaboration among villagers. Villagers can propose “DOs” and “TRACKs” on the TEAM table. Proposals appear on the TEAM table, allowing villagers to consider, question, and enhance them.

Assign Accountability

If villagers decide the proposed “DO” or “TRACK” is something they can and should do, they simply click the “I’ll Do It” or “I’ll Track It” button. This task is then assigned to them making it easy for the team to review its status and hold each other accountable.


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