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In Meerkat Village, TRACK is how we collect data on a child’s response.

Meerkat Village uses a simple collection format for TRACKs, allowing a village to record a desired or undesired behavior with the touch of a button. TRACKs provide...

Response - Real-Time Tracking

Focus on Desired Behavior

A TRACK defines a specific opportunity that arises in the child’s routine along with their desired positive behavior response. The focus is on increasing the desired behavior as opposed to decreasing the undesired behavior.

Real-Time Data Collection

The most useful data we can collect is a child’s response to naturally occurring opportunities during their daily routine. Real responses, whether desired or undesired, can be captured in real-time.

Ease - Data Collection at Your Fingertips

Simple to Use

Meerkat Village’s TRACK tool is straight-forward and easy to use. When an opportunity arises, simply touch the desired response or undesired response button, and that’s it.

Streamlined Data Entry

Complicated data sheets are no longer necessary. Eliminate redundant work by relying on Meerkat Village to track outcomes.

Access From Anywhere

Data collection is in the hands of every villager through the mobile-friendly Meerkat Village app.

Reports - Real Data for Real Change

Real-time Reports

Just like the DO function, TRACK data is collected and instantly converted into easy-to-understand graphs.

Track Desired & Undesired Behavior

Reports graphically compare desired and undesired behavior over time.

Promote Positive Growth

For the first time, real-time data is available to all villagers anywhere/anytime. Villagers can actually determine if their actions are promoting positive change for the child.


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